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 Developer Update

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Jb Blaze
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Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Developer Update   Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:23 pm

Welcome to update 1.0 BETA! Release! Here are the features for this patch- and the ones for the next patch.
Note: This patch is BETA. That means this is all content needed for TESTING. Things that are off balanced or lacking, will be promised in the near future. I promise! Smile

Small Features:

Gameplay Videos:

These are the changes for classes- So far.

Of course I know theres people out there going: Wheres my Shaman! and Paladin! AHGSJGFJHGF!
Don't worry. I just haven't quite decided on what Im going to do with them. So I will explain me ideas so far.

Heres my plan for you guys.
Idea #1: Shamans become a tank. I upgrade a lot of there armor to plate, and re-modify the stats. In addition, shamans will receive a racial. This racial will allow them to heal themselves for 1-3% of damage done. They become a sorta self healing tank. Mainly to give them more surviabillity. However- most of the spells will be greatly nerfed. Making the shaman, a Main Melee class. Ive done some testing with this idea, not much, but enough to tell you: It works- and its fun too.

Idea #2: Enhancement tree remake. The tree will look a lot more like the hunters markmanship tree. There will be longer range abilities, faster casting spells and a brand new home-made ability. Tame elementals. Thats right. Just like a hunter taming and training a pet, shamans will be able to tame and train elementals. So you can go out, and tame yourself your very own: Fire, Water, Air, or Earth elemental. There will be unique abilities in the enhancement tree that will help this. Also, the Tame: Elemental ability will be exclusive to the enhancement tree.

If you have any other ideas suggest them!

I am very unsure about this class. Each talent tree is very unique. I thought about making a whole new custom tree. Something like; Dark paladin or Anti-Light talent tree. And give the paladin a darker side. with new spells and abilities of course. I havent tried really anything with paladin so, PLEASE, suggest more stuff! Or if you like my idea, help me with it! Very Happy

This patch will have much more advanced stuff to it. Of course; a million bugs will be fixed. But the major new content stuff is what youll be really excited about.
The new Paladin and Shaman Content will be implemented. Of course, I need to decide on it first.

New: Blaze sets
This will be a spin off of tier sets. Each class will get there brand new: Blaze set! I will take the coolest sets, and completely re-texture them. This will take a long time; but trust me- Ive already started a couple of them. There really cool. As I finish them, I will post previews.

Ogres- New horde race. Although Alliance already gets goblins, the Horde wont have there ogres till patch 2.0 For some reason the ogres require 3 times the amount of time to change everything.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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Developer Update
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