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 Paladin Poll

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New Paladin
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Total Votes : 7

Jb Blaze
Owner! :)
Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Paladin Poll   Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:14 am


Well this is the paladin poll. I recently with help of a friend in school thought of a really cool paladin special.

The Anti-Paladin.

Basically just like a priest has a shadow form, the paladin will have its darker side.
In place of the Retribution tree, there will be the Anti-Paladin tree. The DPS will be basically the same, but the PvP mechanics will be much more fun.

Retribution aura will be replaced with new form called: Anti FormThis form will be a revamp of the priest Shadow form. It will have the same look, but will increase attack speed by 10% and in addition, each attack (special attacks and normal attacks) will heal somewhere around 1-3% of total health. I havent tested it, so Im not sure how overpowered 3% might be. Unfortunatly, you wont be able to cast heal spells in Anti Form, witch is why Ive added the mechanic.

About 10 new spells will come with this form, only usable in Anti-Form. A lot of them will be darker remakes of normal paladin spells. Like Judgment will have its darker remake, called Banishment. Witch will require the darker version of Seal of Crusader, Will of the scourge.
These spells wont be exactly the same of course, they will have added blood-draning/disease giving mechanics added to them.

Also a small quest line will be added to require this form (mainley because Im also adding a leveling server with the instant 60). The quest will have a paladin send you off to fight scourge. These scourge will drop a item called: The scourges will. Witch will start a quest to send you to a scourge leader. You find this leader and he/she convinces you of the true power of darkness, you agree to serve he/she and he/she grants you your new Anti-Form. Obviously with more text, this is just a summary.

Also, Im up for any name changes for spells, or the talent tree name. Post your thoughts!

This would be implemented in 2.0 along with a ton of other new stuff. Almost finished with the Warriors Blaze Set. Once I finish some more sets I will post previews.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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<GM> Kalopae
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First Sergeant

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PostSubject: Re: Paladin Poll   Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:16 pm

Very Nice! I love the Paladin even more!
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Paladin Poll
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