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 Patch 2.0 In the works! :)

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Jb Blaze
Owner! :)
Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Patch 2.0 In the works! :)   Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:10 am

Well although weve had a few people intrested, we havent been able to get a solid community. So Im working on all the cool stuff for 2.0 to get it released to have people even more excited.

Go see the Paladin Changes
There really cool. I think a lot of people will like the new paladin, I think its awesome.

Also Im working on the new Blaze Sets. Its hard because I want them to be powerful and balanced- And im still learning how to handle all the graphics and textures on these models. I have a few base ones, but not finished and I dont wanna show you guys till it is Very Happy

New Areas
Im working on some custom World of Blaze only areas. Specifaclly some type of battlefield, were horde and alliance can meet to have epic wars. (No, theres not game to it, like catching a flag or killing a leader, just straight out killing!)

Remade areas.
I want to remake some areas. Like big areas. Mainly I want to make Stormwind and Orgrimmar more convienent. Ill go into more detail about that later....but it will be cool....I promise.

Heres the problem- you need people for raids right? Well Im adding a couple raids custom- those will be cool. But whats unique about them? No its not the regular kill stuff then kill boss with your friends, but now there is a single player mode. This mode will allow you feel the epicness of destroying a leader and taking down a base...but by yourself. If you have an idea for raid storylines, tell me. These raids will be worked on towards the end of 2.0, so theres time.

Suggestions! GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS! The sky is your limit! As you can see, pretty much anything is possible with the content im adding. If you want your idea in patch 2.0, tell me ASAP.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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Patch 2.0 In the works! :)
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