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 Casters Update

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Jb Blaze
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Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Casters Update   Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:52 pm

You a caster? Oh. Then I think you are gonna like this! Very Happy

Well I always thought. Combat players can automatically attack with full force.
Even hunters can go into battle position just by clicking there target.

Now casters can too. (Hover over for tooltip)
Introducing: Auto Cast

All it is, is a remake of Auto shoot. Instead, when right clicking (Or clicking auto attack)
Priests will cast a Shadow Blast every 1.3 seconds.
Warlocks will cast a Shadow Blast every 1.2 seconds.
Mages will cast a Magic Blast every 1.1 seconds.

The reason being that its quicker for each class is that Priests can heal, Warlocks have Damage over time spells, Mages need the speed!
This wont require you to mash a single button.

Each will deal 300-400 damage (Not exactly, approximately) and depending on your class, your spell will be stronger.

Sorry , and , you guys are already good at combat. So you wont be receiving this addition.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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Casters Update
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