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 Factions; The War

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Jb Blaze
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Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Factions; The War   Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:45 am

Oh boy this will be fun.

As the alliance and horde war on, Races from both factions grow tired of the struggle. One by one, they weary race break away from there factions.
The factions: Alliance and Horde are no more. All thats left now, is chaos.

  • All useful NPCs outside of Racial cities are neutral, still accessible by all races.
    Dwarfs and Gnomes are considered one faction.
    Orcs and Trolls are considered one faction.
    Character Creation screen is getting a revamp, along with faction symbols and race storyline.
    All racial towns are getting malls, and a portal to the chat lobby.

  • A chat lobby is added, will be a "Center" Were ALL factions may talk.
    This lobby contains:
    A unique mall with special items and portals to useful places.
    Guards(Very powerful) ready to destroy any player breaking peace in the lobby.
    A "Loyalist" Npc.

What this Loyalist does:
It allows you to change your faction whenever. However it will have a 2 day cooldown (To prevent players from doing faction changes every 5 minutes).
-This means if you are a Gnome, you may still decide to join the Humans, however, you will be hated by the gnomes, and now allys with Humans.
-If you are say a Human, but you dont like the humans society, you may renounce your loyalty to the Night Elfs, now hated with Humans but allied with Night Elves.

This also works with every combo. So say your a dwarf, you can ally with the Undead. ALL combinations are possible.

Pics coming soon.

Well the Races are separating. Time to show there true colors! These will be reduced size when I add them to the Character Creation screen.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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Factions; The War
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