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 Race Combinations

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Jb Blaze
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Owner! :)

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PostSubject: Race Combinations   Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:33 pm

Well, because of the new faction update, I have decided to add class combinations to prevent certain races/factions from being super specific. This feature is still in progress- and is VERY able to change.

I will explain why for each one.

Night elfs can now be Shamans
Night elfs are nature, shamans are nature. Makes sense right?

Undead can now be Paladins
This may seem odd. But with the new Anti-paladin, how can Undeads miss this perfect chance to be unholy heroes? Plus they can be priests, so there not new to some light.

These next ones may be surprising. So I suggest you read the side-stories I made for them.

The Gnome Society, finally broken away from the Alliance, have had time to focus on their technology. There newest invention- The Pathtaker 5000, has revolutionized the Gnomes ways, and have mastered areas once thought impossible by these tiny heroes.

The Troll Society, weary of their choices, yearn to learn more. A small clan of the most clever and witty Trolls venture into Azeroth. One by one, the Trolls discover the secrets of each path. And begin to master and perfect these discoveries. Before long, the Trolls become Perfectionists of more then a few paths.

You can probably guess.

Gnomes can now be every class. (Added: )

Trolls can now be every class. (Added: )

As I said, the feature is still in consideration. And I may be adding/taking away combinations as I progress with it.


The hours here are the hours spent on World of Blaze by the way Razz
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Race Combinations
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